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>> Electronic invoicing
The benefits of e-invoicing are many. For the buyer receiving e-invoices, benefits include cost reductions (through improved efficiency in the back office); more accurate financial reporting and forecasting; improved cash flow management; support for corporate governance initiatives; and faster VAT reclamation. The supplier sending invoices enjoys advantages such as assured invoice delivery, faster invoice processing and fewer disputes.

Pepto electronic invoicing solutions provide:
  • Seamless integration with existing operations and processes
  • Real-time view of receivables, Pepto e-invoicing system create an accurate basis for cash flow forecasting.
  • Multiple standards are supported for region/industry specific purposes.
  • Support for multiple document types to reduce infrastructure investment and meet invoice requirements of different industries.
Click this link for more information about our electronic invoicing product EasyInvoice

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Automatisk fakturahantering med papperslösa dokumentflöden.

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Vi utvecklar applikationer och integrerar system både för windows och webb.

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WebMonitor är en webbapplikation för papper/nonwovenindustrin

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